Jasmine Lewis, the fashion designer who celebrates individuality !

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Chicago, september 26th

As a multi-disciplinary designer, Jasmine Lewis blends art and fashion by using form and materials exploration. Her unique garments and accessories make a statement in any wardrobe and are meant to empower the wearer and celebrate individuality.

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Le Sens Inverse : "Hello Jasmine, could you please tell me a little bit more about you and what you do ?"

Jasmine Lewis Design : "Hello Clémence, sure ! I've always been interested in art and design so I initially went to the school of the Art Institute of Chicago for product design but ended up switching to fashion design. I fell in love with fashion and wanted to create a brand that merged fashion and art.”

LSI : "How did the project start ?"

JLD : "After graduation I used Instagram to create a portfolio and also website for my work. Eventually, I was contacted by stylists to do collaborations and everything expanded and grew from there. I worked on developing my design skills and own design language by experimenting with different processes to improve my work.”

LSI : "What is your main source of inspiration ?"

JLD : "My inspirations range, but some of them are Science Fiction movies, armor, sportswear, historical fashion..."

LSI : "What do you want to convey with your design, your clothes ?"

JLD : "I want to convey individuality, confidence and fun to people."

LSI : "How could you describe your clients ?"

JLD : "They are a range of people like performers, dancers, artists, with ages from about 20 to 35 years old. I think me and my clients both value individuality and want to wear something that feels unique.”

LSI : "Tell me about your best project and the process you had to go through. What made it great and how you overcame obstacles along the way ?"

JLD : "I think my favorite and most meaningful project was called “Not Just a Game” and is about football players that have experienced life altering sports injuries. I wanted to create a dedication to the people in my family who have been injured playing this sport but are also very proud of their athletic accomplishments. It was one of my early projects so there was a lot of learning I had to do and it was difficult figuring out how to create the volume in the oversized football pads. But overall I’m very proud of how it turned out."

LSI : “Who have been major influences in your career ?"

JLD : "I’m very influenced by designers that create avant garde and sculptural fashion and work that is outside of the norm. Some of my favorite designers are Iris Van Herpen, Walter Van Beirendonck, and Gareth Pugh."

LSI : “What books have informed your design philosophy ?”

JLD : "I have a series of design books called “Pattern Magic.” They include a lot of creative ways to create garments and experiment with volume. They have been helpful in getting me to think outside of the box and not be afraid to try new ideas."

LSI : “How do you keep up on current design trends ? ”

JLD : "I pay some attention to current trends through magazines and social media, but I don’t like to worry about them too much. I like to focus on being creative and exploring ideas rather than try to fit into a popular trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow." 

LSI : "What about your motto ?"

JLD : "Success happens when hard work meets opportunity ”

LSI : "After being a part of the emerging fashion scene here, what do you expect for the 5 next years?"

JLD : "I’ve been doing a lot of custom work, such as designing a Game of Thrones inspired collection for AT&T and HBO as well as designing for independent clients. For the next few years I would like to shift more focus to creating full collections to sell on-line and in boutiques, as well as, showing at more Fashion shows.”

LSI : "Where will we have the pleasure to see your next show ?"

JLD : "I will be showing my new collection at Denver Fashion Week on November 16th.”

LSI : "Oh that's pretty close, great ! Can't wait to discover the pictures ! It was a pleasure to talk to you, take care, and let us updated !"

JLD : " For me too ! Thanks for including me in your project."

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Design inspired by Game of Thrones

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​​As a life-long artist, Jasmine is always looking for new ways to expand her creativity. She continues to design out of her home studio and looks forward to the expansion of her brand and vision.


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